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posted August 1, 2011

GTA: Chinatown Wars HD Review

The GTA series comes to Chinatown just for iPad! Although this game is very large in volume, it is worth the cost and download time. With its high resolution and graphics, you are taking the GTA experience to the next level. Weapons from knives, pistols to tanks and choppers, you are lucky that you have a iPad that can play this kind of game while you are moving! Must have game for iPad users, a definitely one of the top ipad games of the year I am a 100% sure you will not regret purchasing this game: GTA: Chinatown Wars HD.

posted May 31, 2011

Pocket Jets Review

Transform your living room into a live airial battlefield. The unique concept of having the jets superimposed onto your current surroundings gives a feeling of realness of actually controlling a pocket jet. I often find myself being somewhere thinking what a great airial battlefield this would make. This game is a MUST HAVE and will be the best $2 you ever spent!


posted May 16, 2011

FIFA 11 for iPad Review

Get ready for the best soccer game on the planet to make its presence felt on the ipad. It is surely going to be one of the best ipad games this year. The controls have been improved with the latest release allow for swipe based movements as well as the original dpad style controls. Love the local head to head multiplayer. EA really did it right with this one. 


posted May 9, 2011

Goblin Invasion Review

A mix of Warcraft + Farmville, this game is tons of fun. Save yourself and your friends from the  Goblins as they create disaster and hysteria.  Save the the world that is under direct invasion of Goblins.

There is a story of the Crystal Ore with magical powers. Only the Crystal Ore can save the world. Before jumping into this game you need to prepare yourself out of the start to be inundated with the strange magical land of Goblins.  You can win the game by accumulating money and then burning the Goblins’assets. This is one of the best free iPad games you can have in your library.


posted May 5, 2011

Madden 11





Sports lovers rejoice, the ultimate game is here.  Developed by EA, this is one of the best iPad games in the Madden series. It sets the standard for football video games and sports games in general. Its quality is enhanced with visuals and graphics that shine on the iPad.

Playing Madden on the iPad demonstrates the future of sports games on portable devices as many more sports games are sure to follow. EA Got it right with this one, a must have.


posted May 3, 2011

Monopoly Review

As you might have noticed, many  new games for the iPad are digital versions of classic board games.  The difference here is that it is much better! Any iPad game library is incomplete unless you have this incredible game on your iPad platform.

This is incredible digital board game comes packed with different phases and modes. For newbie who has not yet played this game, there is a Teachers Mode to get to know how to monopolize. This game is a favorite at parties and family gatherings. It is a must have.


posted April 26, 2011

World Conqueror 1945 Review

Risk on Steroids!!! Real time strategy based on WWII makes this iPad game a keeper. The real pictures of WWII add to the authenticity as you strive to conquer the world. It’s highly ambitious game with very realistic graphics and gameplay. Playing this game will take you to a world where you feel like protecting your resources and fighting over territories to bundle on all you want and destroy your enemies. There are many weapons and troop choices to lead in the battleground. All new weapons and ammunition are at your disposal you proceed to annex territories. It’s a mixture of easy to win and unimaginable hard to win game encounters. This is one of the greatest iPad games ever developed. your mission: World Domination!



posted April 25, 2011

Cats, Inc. Review

This is an outstanding puzzle game for cat lovers. It has 30 levels and three cats to play with. This is one of the most popular iPad games. This is an extremely entertaining  game and a fun journey towards level achievements. The goal of the game is to get the cats to the sausages and then get  them to exit. This ipad game is perfect for younger kids as well as the whole family.


posted April 21, 2011

Call of Duty: World at War Review

One of the most famous games of all time is now on iPad. I still remember the days when I used to play it on my computer and now I can carry my favorite game where ever I want.  Graphics are far better than what you expect it to be. You can count larger screen and DLC map as a second add on. The control can’t get any better as they are perfect. The choice is completely yours, whether you want to play it alone or whether you want to invite your friends too. This superb game provides you with 4 multi-player options. Color schemes used in the game are impressive. You can play with touchscreen or use a dual stick, suit yourself. Being a power packed package this game is worth its price and is one of the best ipad games out there.



posted April 19, 2011

Woolcraft Review

All puzzle lovers, listen up! In Woolcraft you will find the most adorable sheep to command, but before you do, you will have too make some changes to their world.
You have to dig and search for stones that you can use to build bridges over water, find seeds and plant them so they grow to bushes so the sheep will stop to eat and you really need a plan to do all of it.

Woolcraft is easy from the beginning, as a puzzle game should, when you start with the 6o tutorial levels.
The catch is that you soon will handle more sheep and you can’t move them individually; say right and they will all go right, even if that direction will end in the water and they die. With the games over 200(!) levels it is good that you can retry them over and over again until you have all sheep saved at the waiting shepherd.

The puzzles have a nice mix, so even if you are playing in the later (read harder) levels sometimes a easy one suddenly shows up.
With so much to solve it is also nice that the game have a level editor so you can rest for a while and try to make your own levels and perhaps challenge a friend or two. The graphics are great, there are sheep you will love, a singing shepherd to enjoy and finally puzzles that seems to go on forever – just get it!